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Eliminate Duckweed in your Pond --- Introducing Spritflo™ Fluridone Herbicide

June 26, 2016

Got Duckweed?  

We are happy to announce that we are adding a new pond herbicide, Spritflo™ Herbicide, to our pond product lineup.  Spritflo™ Herbicide is a substitute for Sonar® AS Herbicide and contains the same active ingredient 41.7% Fluridone. 

Spritflo™ Herbicide is great for management of aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals and irrigation canals. Spritflo™ also controls duckweed (floating plants) and nearly all submerged weeds in ponds. It stays suspended in the water longer than other pond herbicides providing longer control for undesirable aquatic vegetation. It can be applied right away to a pond to give more control and help stop weeds before they start to grow.

“We are excited to be a direct substitute for Sonar® AS Herbicide for less money,” says Chad Hadler, VP of Operations at Lake Restoration.  “Customers now have a more affordable way to treat their pond with Fluridone for duckweed and submerged weeds using Spritflo™ Herbicide.”Spritflo™ Herbicide, a Lake Restoration product, is available in five sizes with the smallest 4 ounce size treating ponds that are half acre in size for $95.00.  Other sizes available are:  8 ounce ($179.00) for treating up to a one acre pond, 1 pint ($329.00) for treating up to two acres, 1 quart ($582.00) for treating up to four acres, and one gallon ($1687.00) for treating up to sixteen acres.

Spritflo™ Herbicide is a concentrated herbicide that is easy to apply.  Applications can be made directly into the pond by using a sprayer or the TORMADA® product application boat.  The TORMADA® is remote controlled and enables ponds to be treated for aquatic vegetation right from the shoreline, reducing exposure to products.  It is easy to use and fun to drive!

Work with our Lake Restoration aquatic experts to order Spritflo™ Fluridone Herbicide or to customize a pond kit that will enhance the overall health and appearance of their pond.  We have a wide variety of aquatic herbicides, algaecides, and pond dyes to eliminate nuisance pondweeds and algae.



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