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How Can I Use A Pond or Lake De-Icer this Winter?

December 5, 2018

It’s getting cold! If you live in the parts of the world where winter brings ice to your pond or lake, this can be an exciting and challenging time of year. If you’re no stranger to ice, you know it can make caring for your dock area or shoreline more difficult.

If you have permanent docks or other shoreline structures that are subject to ice damage each year, you may want to consider a dock or marina de-icer to keep ice from forming around your property. A dock de-icer can also make in-water winter boat storage a possibility for you! So how do de-icers work to keep ice away from your shoreline?

Dock de-icers work to move water heated by the earth up to the surface, making it harder for ice to form where the water is being moved. This creates an open area of water for your dock, boat, and other shoreline structures.

De-icers prevent ice damage and ice jacking from ruining your shoreline and property. Ice jacking happens when sheets of ice start to shift and move, putting pressure on docks and pilings, thus damaging the structures.

Benefits of having a dock deicer include:

·         In- water ice/dock storage

·         Prevents ice-jacking damage to shoreline or in-water property

·         Waterfowl hunters – keeps pond water open for decoys, equipment, and attracts birds

·         Keeps open water for wildlife watering

·         Can prevent lake debris from settling in your dock area

·         Aerating benefits for fish and aquatic life, and improves water quality

Lake Restoration De-Icers include the rope suspension assembly, with option to purchase the dock mount system separately. This allows for customization according to your specific de-icing needs. Our de-icers come pre-assembled, and only require you to fasten the ropes to your dock poles, pilings, or boat, and plug in!

De-icers come with the ½ horse power motor and 50 foot electric cord.

Lake Restoration De-icers are made and manufactured in house. We offer high quality de-icers, made to withstand the frigid waters of Minnesota! All de-icers come with a 2 year warranty.

For more information on our de-icers, see our website

Don’t let ice damage ruin your winter! Keep your water open, and keep your peace of mind.


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