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The #1 Best Products for your Pond

March 7, 2019

The #1 best products for pond weed and algae control

Shopping for something to clear up your pond can be tiresome and confusing. First, you need to identify what kind of vegetation you’re trying to control. Then you need to decide which pond chemicals is best for you (and sift through all of the products out there). And once you find a product, you need a chemistry degree to figure out how much to use and how to apply it. It can be a struggle.

This is where Pond Solutions from Lake Restoration comes in!

We’re here to make it easy for you. We have brought together all the products we know will give you need so you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure out what to use.

What you need:

Our four best products for guaranteed results in your pond for clearing algae, weeds, muck and excess nutrients, plus our remote control application boat to apply the products.

Products needed include:

Dibrox® Herbicide

Mizzen® Algaecide

SparKlear® Nutrient Reducer

Sapphire Bay® Blue Pond Dye

Plus our Tormada® Application Boat

These products have given great results for our customers, and they also take care of the key issues most people have with their pond, including:

-submerged and floating weeds

-filamentous, planktonic, and submerged pond algae control.

-muck, water clarity, and discoloration

These are all liquid products that can easily be applied using the Tormada® application boat (with the exception of the pond dye). Simply pour the product in the tank and drive the Tormada® with the remote around your pond and the products will disperse out of the back of the boat.

The Tormada® can also be used to treat your lake shore with our dock and swim products as well.

The Pond Solutions will help you achieve the best-looking pond all year round and kill pond weeds. Thanks to the Tormada®, treating your pond has never been easier!

Call us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable lake experts, or visit us at

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