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Aqua Stormfuro®: The underwater muck blower you need for your lake!

July 5, 2019

Summer is here! That mean enjoying time on your lake. Boating, swimming and fishing, among other things, are activities you enjoy doing most! And enjoying time on your beautiful water is exactly what you need.

But what if you look out at your lake an realize the bottom of your lake where the sand should be is covered in a layer of muck and decaying leaves? Or maybe debris and weed fragments constantly drift into your dock and swim area, making for an annoying cleanup mission before you get to enjoy your time in the water.

Aqua Stormfuro® can help keep lake muck and sediment out of your treatment area by blowing water away from your dock and shoreline. It can keep muck and sediment from settling on your waterfront, and it can also keep weeds from floating into your area from other locations in the lake!

Aqua Stormfuro® easily mounts to your dock, and the motor can adjust up or down according to the angle you need. The ½ HP motor keeps up to a 30ft area clear, and has a cage on both the inflow and the outflow sides of the motor for added safety and protection from the propeller blade.

Some other highlights of the Aqua Stormfuro:

·         Works in minimum of 1 ft or max 4 ft of water

·         No oil required by the customer

·         Stainless steel motor and parts

·         Chemical free

·         2 year warranty

·         3450 rpms

Aqua Stormfuro® is the lake muck blower for you if you want the most out of your dock and swim area this year. A one-time purchase for years of muck and debris removal. Install it early in the season to keep any new, incoming muck and debris from entering your area.

Let Aqua Stormfuro® take the work out of keeping your lake shore clear of muck and debris! Visit our website at for more information.

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