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Kill Mosquito Larvae in Your Pond!

May 2, 2019

Control Mosquito Larvae in Your Pond!

Mosquitos are a pain. Literally. If you live by any body of water, you know that as soon as the weather warms up, the mosquitos invade your yard in full force. This makes it hard to enjoy summer activities outdoors! Not to mention, mosquitos carry a variety of dangerous viruses that can harm humans and animals.

Luckily, there’s a solution for your water to help kill mosquito larvae in your pond before they hatch into biting adults!

Microbe-Lift® is a mosquito larvicide solution you put in your water to help kill mosquito larvae. Treating regularly throughout the spring and summer cut down on the amount of mosquitos coming from your body of water. You add the specified amount to your pond and it will disperse throughout the water within 24 hours.

If you have a large body of water, the Tormada® can make applying Microbe-Lift® so much simpler! The Tormada® is a remote-control product application boat that allows you to apply liquid products to your pond without having to launch a manned boat and use a hand sprayer. This makes treating large bodies of water so much easier and a lot more fun!

Simply poor the amount of larvicide into your boat and drive it around your pond. The product will disperse from the back of the boat. You can fill the boat with water after the initial application and drive it around again in order to get all the product out of the boat. Then you’re done! Simple as that.

Microbe-Lift® comes in three size containers to suit your pond size. The Tormada® boat comes in two versions; the T1 and T2. The T2 boat offers an automatic product flow valve that can be controlled by remote. The T1 is a manual product flow valve.

If you have mosquito problems stemming from your water source on your property, this is an easy solution to cut down on mosquitos and enjoy your summer in your yard!

Visit to find out more about Microbe-Lift® and the Tormada®.


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