Getting to the Root – The Open Water Kit – Control and Kill Cattails and Water Lilies

June 25, 2013



Reveal the open water of your pond or lakefront more safely and more completely with the Open Water Kit®.   Control and kill cattails, water lilies, grass, weeds, poison ivy and woody brush in and around ponds and lakes. 

Emergent plants are often found along the shoreline and their stems are somewhat firm.  Lake Restoration’s Open Water Kit® includes a systemic herbicide that will kill both the plant and the root.  It also includes an adjuvant to help the herbicide spread across the leaf, break down the waxy cuticle, and penetrate into the plant.  These two products mix with water for easy application.

Cattails and water lilies can quickly ruin a pond or lake’s visual and recreational benefits.  Control is best achieved through killing of the root system by application of herbicide to the leaves that are above the water.  Using our treatment method, you simply spray the portions of the emergent weed that can be reached, wetting them thoroughly.  There is no need to spray from multiple directions.  Garden sprayers with a gallon or two capacity work well for this application.

Each Open Water Kit® treats up to 14,000 square feet of plants and you can eliminate unwanted grasses and weeds on your beach and shore.   Our kit is excellent for making a nice beach area above the water line!


Goose Deterrent D-Fence Keeps Waterfront Properties Goose-Free

June 14, 2013

Due to abundant habitat, high reproductive rate, a long life-span as well as low mortality due to minimal predation and hunting we have seen a dramatic increase in the population of geese around residential and lake home areas.  As much as some people love to see these proud birds return as a sign of fairer weather to come, geese can take over our outdoor areas and make quite a mess of them.  In many cases a goose deterrent is the answer. More...


5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Pond

June 12, 2013

With five simple steps and our PONDRestore® Ultra kit, you will be on your way to a beautiful, clear and healthy pond!  We have combined together these five products to provide your pond relief from weeds and algae.  This all-in-one complete kit is the answer you need for complete pond weed control and management. 

Step 1 -  Control floating and submerged weeds

You will be able to control floating pond weeds like duckweed and watermeal and kill submerged weeds like milfoil and hydrilla with a pond herbicide.  Fluridone is a liquid herbicide that will stay suspended in the water for longer control.  This is great for treating an entire pond and getting rid of existing nuisance plants. 

Step 2 – Tackle algae growth

Eliminate algae with Mizzen™, our new liquid, copper based algaecide.  Mizzen™ is excellent for keeping your pond’s algae and scum levels under control so you can enjoy your pond at its maximum beauty.  Mizzen™ easily controls filamentous algae and effectively manages planktonic algae. 

Steps 3 and 4 – Reduce the nutrients

Overtime, debris will begin to accumulate in your pond adding excess nutrients.  These excess nutrients will help unwanted weeds and algae to grow.  By reducing the nutrients you are deterring future weed growth.

SparKlear® is the biological control for ponds.  Add SparKlear ® pellets that contain bacteria, enzymes and trace minerals to reduce the nutrients that enable weeds and algae to grow.

Use PhosControl® to reduce the amount of phosphorus and clarify your water.  Phosphorus is the main source of food for algae, and algae cannot survive without phosphorus.  Our PhosControl® will bond with phosphorus, making it unavailable to aquatic plants and algae.  Each pound of phosphorus will produce 500 pounds of aquatic plant and algae growth, the use of phosphorus is very important.

Step 5 – Add a pond dye

Leave your water a natural, pleasing blue color when you add Sapphire Bay® blue pond dye to your pond. Our concentrated blue pond dye will block out specific light rays to deter weed and algae growth.  We recommend using a pond dye along with a herbicide or an algaecide for best results.

Once you have restored your pond’s health, keep it looking beautiful all season long!  Algae actively grows from spring into fall.  As summer temperatures climb, algae can return quite quickly.  We have extended care kits to fend off the recurring algae, manage the nutrients and maintain the health of your pond.  To keep your pond looking great, give us a call, toll free at #1-877-428-8898 or visit us online at  


How to Get Rid of Algae in a Fountain or Water Feature

June 10, 2013




Every year people wonder about how to get rid of annoying, unsightly and unhealthy algae in their fountains and water features.  They’ve put time, money, and effort in with the goal of enjoying the beauty of their yard and instead end up frustrated, with green goop floating across their best-laid plans.  What was supposed to be a relaxing, lovely addition to their free-time has quickly turned into a source of frustration and work. More...


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