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2017-09-21 How to Keep Geese Away for Good! 0 None
2017-08-31 Using Nutrient Reducers to help slow down algae growth. 0 None
2017-08-31 LAKEMAID Lake Weed and Muck Removal Machine 0 None
2017-07-14 Toxic Algae: What it is and how to prevent it 0 None
2017-07-13 Steps to Prevent Mid-Summer Algae Blooms 0 None
2017-07-11 How to Keep Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Other Pest Away This Summer 0 None
2017-06-14 Using a fountain in your pond to keep water clear and lively 0 None
2017-04-25 7 Spring Backyard Cleanup Tips 0 None
2017-03-30 How to Prevent Weed and Algae Takeover 0 None
2014-04-28 Do you have a Geese Problem? 0 None
2014-04-23 When Should I Dye My Pond? 0 None
2014-04-15 Is your pond ready for Spring? 0 None
2014-01-07 Pond Ice Rinks: A Great Way to Enjoy your Pond All Year Long! 0 None
2013-11-13 String Algae Control is Vital to the Health of your Pond 0 None
2013-11-06 Pond Dredging is a Last Resort -- Try Weed Control and Management First 0 None
2013-10-08 Understanding the Seaweed in Ponds and Lakes 0 None
2013-10-07 Widgeon Grass Control -- Easily Kill Widgeon Grass in Your Pond or Lake 0 None
2013-09-30 Elodea Control: Recognizing and Treating the Aquatic Plant Elodea 0 None
2013-09-12 Lily Pad Control: Removing Lily Pads from a Pond 0 None
2013-09-04 Aquatic Weed Treatment From Lake Restoration Begins on Lake Minnewaska 0 None
2013-08-27 Brazilian Water Milfoil: A New Threat to Wisconsin Waters 0 None
2013-08-15 Phragmites Removal Will Diversify Your Shoreline and the Ecosystem 0 None
2013-08-09 How to Get Rid of Cattails in a Pond or Lake 0 None
2013-08-07 Killing Floating Pond Weeds; A Step Towards A Healthy Pond 0 None
2013-08-06 Scratch-Splash-Scratch … Got an Itch? It could be “Swimmer’s Itch” 0 None
2013-07-29 Toxic Algae vs. Harmless Algae 0 None
2013-07-25 Algal Blooms in Lakes and How to Control Them 0 None
2013-07-18 Pond and Lake Weed Rake Product Line Expanded by Lake Restoration 0 None
2013-06-25 Getting to the Root – The Open Water Kit – Control and Kill Cattails and Water Lilies 0 None
2013-06-14 Goose Deterrent D-Fence Keeps Waterfront Properties Goose-Free 0 None
2013-06-12 5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Pond 0 None
2013-06-10 How to Get Rid of Algae in a Fountain or Water Feature 0 None
2013-05-09 Lake and Pond Weed Removal Tools:  An Overview 0 None
2013-05-02 Wisconsin Aquatic Weed Control and Management in Ponds and Lakes 0 None
2013-04-29 Water Garden Maintenance Packages Introduced by Lake Restoration 0 None
2013-04-25 Minnesota Aquatic Weed Control in Ponds and Lakes 0 None
2013-04-22 Indiana Aquatic Weed Control and Pond Management 0 None
2013-04-18 Lake Restoration Introduces Mizzen™, a Copper-Based Algaecide 0 None
2013-03-28 Hydrilla Killer: How to Effectively Kill Hydrilla 0 None
2012-11-19 The LAKEMAID® - A Better Mechanical Weed Cutter 0 None
2012-10-18 Florida Aquatic Weed Control in Ponds 0 None
2012-09-17 Pond Winterizing: Pond Preparation for Fall and Winter 0 None
2012-08-30 Michigan Aquatic Weed Control and Pond Management 0 None
2012-08-15 Pond Colorant: More Than Just Water Color Dye 0 None
2012-05-02 Controlling Leeches, Frogs, Muskrats and other Pond Predators 0 None
2011-11-12 How to Prevent Swimmer’s Itch in Your Pond or Lake 0 None
2011-09-12 Fluridone -- Principles of an Effective Aquatic Herbicide 0 None
2011-03-16 Backyard Pond Care and Management - The Essentials 0 None
2010-11-12 Texas Pond Management and Pond Weed Control 0 None
2010-09-19 Lake Shore Management - The Essentials 0 None
2010-08-22 Lake Shore Weed Control & Removal -- The Essentials 0 None
2010-04-19 Aquatic Weed Management -- Lake Restoration's Role in Preserving Ponds & Lakes 0 None


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